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What should I do if the recycle bin is damaged?

The files or folders that we have deleted have been saved in the recycle bin of the computer system, but recently a netizen suddenly opened the recycle bin of Win10 system, and the prompt "D:\ on the recycle bin has been opened. Damage is whether to empty the recycle bin on the drive." Generally, this problem is caused by the destruction of the recycle bin. Let me share the question of opening the recycle bin. "Recycle bin corrupted, clear the recycle bin on the drive" The method is based on the Win10 system.

Open the recycle bin prompt "Recycle bin is corrupt, empty the recycle bin on the drive" Solution:

method one:

If the disk has no important information, we can format the disk directly. This method is the most direct and simple.

Method Two:

1. We right click on the “Start Menu” in the lower left corner of the desktop, and click “Command Prompt (Administrator)” on the pop-up menu, as shown in the figure:

2, we enter in the command prompt: "rd / sx: \recycled", Note: X is the problem disk drive letter, as shown in Figure 1 is the D disk problem, then enter "rd / sd: \recycled ",as the picture shows:

3. At this time, there will be a prompt to confirm the deletion of the recycle bin, enter "Y", and press the Enter key to confirm, as shown.

Wait for the operation to complete. The recycle bin of the problematic disk can be deleted. After restarting the computer, it will be automatically rebuilt, and the prompt that the recycle bin is damaged will no longer pop up.

Method three:

1. Open "This Computer" on the desktop, then open the disk in question, and click [File] - [Change Folder and Search Options], as shown below:

2, into the folder options interface, we switch to the [View] tab, remove the "Hide protected operating system files" check box, and click "Show hidden files, folders and drives", as follows The figure shows:

3. After the setting is completed, the hidden Recycled folder will be displayed. We can right click on the pop-up menu and select Delete. The above is the solution to open the recycle bin prompt "Recycle bin is corrupted or empty the recycle bin on the drive". If you encounter this prompt when you open the recycle bin, you can try the above method.

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